QT Course Accreditation

If you have created training that you believe is of value to tutors, then we want to accredit it.

The accreditation process is simple. It is designed to provide quality assurance and increase your reach. We evaluate your course against the QT Transformational Training Values: Be Curious, Be Generous, Be Reflective.

Course Accreditation is available for all QT Partners.

Cost – £89 per course plus £3 for each digital credential issued.


What makes QT Accredited Training special?

We are passionate about providing excellent professional development for tutors. 

Hybrid Learning

This course can be completed at your own pace as you work through the videos and complete tasks. Our facilitators assess and respond to your answers, as well as hosting live drop-in clinics every Monday.

Tutor courses. Blended learning courses for tutors in the UK and global tutor training. Qualified Tutor


Our QT House Rules are Be Curious, Be Generous, Be Reflective. This learning culture enables real transformation.


Peer and Mentor Support

We know that tutoring can be lonely. Learn alongside other tutors, and our Learning and Development Team for a really supportive and stimulating experience.


Why Accredit your Course with Qualified Tutor?

Accrediting your course through Qualified Tutor provides:

Listing on the Qualified Tutor Website

Broaden your marketing and showcase your course to our community of tutors & agency owners. We don’t charge a commission for any sales you make.

Digital Credential

Each participant who completes your course will receive a bespoke digital credential, verified on the blockchain.


Quality Assurance

This additional external quality assurance will enable your students to know what you deliver is at the highest level.


How to Get Your Course Accredited

The steps of QT Course Accreditation

Become a QT Partner or QT Member.

Course evidence breakdown submitted as requested against the Transformational Tutoring Values framework. Link to submit evidence for each section.

The Qualified Tutor team will review and provide feedback within 5 working days.

If required, QT will estimate the time required to make your course meet the QT Transformational Training Values. Don’t worry, we will work with you to apply changes to meet the QT Transformational Training Values.

QT will issue a unique QT Digital Credential and promote your course on the website.

There is also the option to deliver your course within the QT systems.

The QT website will re-direct buyers to your website.

There is an option to discuss your course being delivered on the QT Community and purchased through the QT website. Each new registered learner will be added to your custom course tracker with a dedicated dashboard for you to access and monitor.

Please note all of your learners will become a member of the QT Community.

When learners complete the course the QT Team will need to be informed and your unique custom QT Digital Credential will be issued to them.

Let us know if you have any questions courses@qualifiedtutor.org

QT Accredited Courses

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QT Digital Credentials

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