meet our team

Julia Silver

Founder & Innovator

I created Qualified Tutor because that’s what I needed as a young mum tutoring from my kitchen. Years on, and Qualified Tutor and the Love Tutoring is supporting thousands of tutors worldwide to feel safe, skilled and supported.

I could not be more proud of the work we do on our small and mighty team.

My husband Simon and I have the pleasure and privilege of raising five amazing children ranging in age from 6 to 16.

Odette Wohlman

Co-founder & Strategic Partnerships

After a long career in the corporate world, I joined Qualified Tutor in 2022 because I wanted to put my expertise to good use.

As a working mum, with four young children, I believe that bringing certification to tutoring is the right thing to do. It’s obvious: parents and tutors need an easy way to be sure that the tutor they choose is trustworthy.

Raising standards in tutoring together is my way of making the world a better place.

Hannah Liversidge

Member Support

I joined the Qualified Tutor team in the middle of 2022 after many years of knowing Julia. I havewhat I call a ‘butterfly mind’. I love taking on new projects and bringing them to life.

Working at QT, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many lovely tutors. I love that I get to support them every day.