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Qualified Tutor works with independent tutors at any stage of their tutoring journey. The first step to becoming a member and accessing the benefits we provide is with a call with Julia, our founder. 

Why do we do this? 

We want to make sure the membership we provide is the best option for you. We connect with all of our members, and getting to know one another is the first step to ensuring Qualified Tutor membership is the right solution for what you need, right now, and in the future. 

Let's get to know each other

Meet our Members

Georgina Green, Green Tutors

Business owner, educator, STEM ambassador, and scientist, Georgina provides meaningful and fun STEM education to young people struggling with anxiety. She highlights the importance of building self-belief and showcasing students’ strengths to help them realise their potential.

Georgina feels that Qualified Tutor membership has boosted her confidence and connected her with a supportive community of educators. Learn more about her journey and the value of having a strong network of like-minded professionals here.

Sarah Webb, Read to Grow Tuition

Business owner, educator, and SEN specialist, Sarah Webb, shares her journey as a tutor and her experience as a Qualified Tutor Certified member.

Christopher Banham, Dr. Humanities

Meet the Christopher Banham, founder of Dr. Humanities.

Christopher shares his inspiring story and insights into his experience with Qualified Tutor Membership. From finding his niche in the tutoring industry to accessing a wealth of resources and support, Christopher highlights the invaluable benefits of being a part of a professional community dedicated to excellence in tutoring.

Verity Bell, Verity English Educator

Meet the fantastic Verity Bell, who is a GCSE English Tutor based in the UK. 

She runs small group, 12 week ‘Advance your English language courses’ which keeps your child studying English throughout each week with carefully planned, pre-recorded lessons.

She is a published author, a qualified English teacher, and has over 20 years experience that she brings to her tutees. 

professional development for tutors

Included in Membership

Our transformational, CPD-Certified courses, training and events provide best research-informed practice for tutors.

Our flagship course ‘Foundations of Effective Tutoring’ is included in your annual membership, plus discounts on additional training such as our Level 3 Award in Education and Training and Safeguarding Level 2 Certification.

We also accredit training from our partners, enabling you to relevant training on every aspect of your tutoring, from marketing to coaching to group tutoring and more.

don’t network, connect

Included in Membership.

Qualified Tutor members connect online and in person, through our WhatsApp group, online community, live Local Meet-Ups, and of course the Love Tutoring Festivals.

Each event is a chance to inspire, grow and help you develop your tutoring business no matter where you are on your journey. Bringing together leaders in education, business, tutoring and edtech, these events are created with tutors at the core.

All of our online events are free for our members to attend, while non-members are welcome to attend for a small fee. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming events.

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