The Story of Qualified Tutor

It starts with ‘why’

2019 Launch Day

Qualified Tutor was founded in 2019 by former school leader Julia Silver, to improve outcomes for students by developing the adults who work with them.

2020 Festivals & Events

In 2020 Julia launched the first Love Tutoring Festival, to bring tutors together with fellow peers & experts. This festival is now in its fifth year & has inspired our other festivals including Bett, Wellbeing & Leadership.

2022 Membership

With the arrival of Odette, we were able to consolidate all the opportunities, professional development and events we had created into one simple and affordable membership.

Why Qualified Tutor?

Since tutoring is unregulated, it is up to the professionals to opt in to standards for safety, quality and continuity.

Qualified Tutor is the leading Professional Development Organisation for the tutoring profession. With accredited training, community, and the Love Tutoring Festivals, we have now reached tens of thousands tutors worldwide with our message that ‘Tutoring is Not Plan B, it’s a legitimate profession and for some, a better career choice’.

Julia and Odette are passionate about improving outcomes for students by nurturing the adults that work with them.

Julia & Odette

Mumpreneurs on a Mission

Like most great mum friendship, Odette and Julia met on the playground.  Between us we have nine kids, two husbands and one puppy. We also have decades of experience in school leadership and corporate management. Coaching and mentoring the tutors in our community is the thing that gives us both the most joy.

We’d love to welcome you into the community.

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