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Safe, Skilled & Supported.

How to be a qualified tutor - QT Membership and Accreditation benefits
As a QT Member, you will receive a bespoke QT Directory listing and digital QT Membership card so your clients can trust your tutoring process with the confidence they need. You also receive a variety of member benefits to stay Safe, Skilled and Supported.

Tutor Training

If you are looking to develop yourself or your tutors with innovative & transformational qualifications, view our Tutor Training solutions to get started.

Tutor Events

Magical hybrid festivals combining learning, connection and growth throughout the year. Free to our QT Members thanks to our QT Partners.

QT Membership

If you are a Tutor Business or Independent Tutor looking for everything you need to be Safe, Skilled, and Supported, QT Membership is the best place to start. 

The QT Vision

Qualified Tutor was founded by Julia Silver in 2019 because as a headteacher, a tutor and a mother, she was determined to create fairness and transparency in the tutoring world.  Since then, Julia has been developing a professional membership that exemplifies excellence in tutoring.

Commited to leading change from the ground up, Julia launched Qualified Tutor Ltd and the Love Tutoring and Festivals to connect, inspire and delight the tutoring world. Over the past four years, we have brought together many thousands of tutors internationally to develop a close-knit and supportive professional community that is inclusive and proactive.

Now that we have the training, community and events in place to support our vision of tutoring, we have established the first ever international quality mark for the tutoring profession.


QT Membership provides transparency and fairness for all tutors and their clients.

How to be a qualified tutor - QT Membership and Accreditation benefits

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