An celebration of world tutors. Parents & students are invited to send thank you cards in advance of 2nd July for their tutors who transform their learning experiences.

Connecting Tutors

We know how important it is to connect with your community. That’s why this World Tutors’ Day, we are hosting World Tutors’ Day Local Meet-ups around the world for you to get involved, grab a cuppa, and connect with your local community of tutors.

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for Tutors

connecting with your community

On 2nd July, 2024, Love Tutoring hosts around the world are holding live local meet ups for tutors.

If you are a tutor, we invite you to come along to your local World Tutors’ Day meet up, grab a coffee, and connect with your peers. The agenda is simple: find your people, get to know each other, and celebrate world tutoring, together.

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