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‘The quality of experts you brought together and the high level of discussions were truly inspiring, yet everyone felt comfortable sharing and were heard and valued.’  Charlotte Watson, Wonderlearn

Upcoming Events

24-26 January 2024, 9am – 5pm

Location: London / Online | FREE to attend


Love Tutoring @Bett

Need to stay on top of your tech? 

Bett recognise Qualified Tutor as the professional membership body for tutors. Join our CPD-accredited tutor programme. 

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Tools for Tutors - Tutor training, tutor events, and tutor community. Qualified Tutor Ltd.
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How to find the right qualified tutor for my child - tips for creating a successful tutor-parent relationship

Meet our Sponsors

18 – 24 March 2024, 10am – 4pm

Location: Online | FREE to attend


Love Tutoring for Neurodiversity Week

Celebrating Neurodiversity week, this week-long free festival covers dyslexia, dyspraxia, wellbeing, and how we can support our students who have neurodiversity. 

Meet the Hosts

Tools for Tutors - Tutor training, tutor events, and tutor community. Qualified Tutor Ltd.

2 July 2024, All Day

Location: London / Online | FREE to take part


World Tutors’ Day

Our annual celebration of tutors. 

We know how important tutors are to our children. As parents ourselves, we created Qualified Tutor and World Tutors’ Day to celebrate tutors globally.

ways to thank your tutor - World Tutors' Day

1-2 July 2024, 9am – 4pm

Location: London / Online | FREE online or £249 in person


Love Tutoring Festival 5

Join us for the Love Tutoring Festival 5, a celebration of all things tutoring and learning.

Discover innovative teaching techniques, explore new educational tools, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. From subject-specific tutoring strategies to effective study habits, our diverse range of sessions will cater to all interests and levels.

Connect with fellow tutors and learners, network with professionals in the field, and gain valuable insights from successful educators. With opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the Love Tutoring Festival 5 promises to be a memorable event for everyone involved.

Love Tutoring Book Club

Join us for an exploration of some of our favourite books in education and business development. We have chosen a selection of small and mighty books from the QT bookshelves. These books are short, accessible but they pack a punch. Get hold of the books if you can, and if that seems like too much, just join anyway and come along for the ride.

11am – 12pm, online

> 9th November: ‘Imagine If…’ Sir Ken Robinson

> 7th December: ‘The Potential in Every Child’ Gavin McCormack

> 4th January: ‘Build a Business from your Kitchen Table’ Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker, creators of Not on The High Street

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Love Tutoring Conversations

Connect with fellow tutors in our insightful, engaging conversations for tutors. These sessions are shared live to our community. Hosted by Julia Silver

Thursdays 11am – 12pm, online

> 26th October 

> 2nd November

> 16th November

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Coaching Sessions for Tutors

Our experienced facilitators will guide you through various coaching techniques, practical tips, and resources tailored to wellbeing, SEND, Business and marketing.

11am – 12pm, online

> 22nd November: SEND

> 15th November: “Mastering Financial Mindfulness”

> 29th November: “Self-Assessment Tax Return 22-23 – How to Get It Done BEFORE Christmas (& not in a panic in January)” 

> 6th December: Wellbeing

> 13th December: “Left-Handed children – The Right way to help!”

Free for Members

Partner Demos

Learn how to use the latest tools, software, edtech solutions and systems for your tutoring business in these live demo sessions.

Fridays 11am – 12pm, online

> 10th November: Atom Learning’s Tutor Portal

> 17th November: Self-employment & Self-assessment. Not scary. Not difficult. Not complicated. How it can be SIMPLE

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Supervision Circles

This three-month mastermind programme provides fortnightly live support for tutors in a safe environment to help you grow and develop your tutoring practice.

Benefits of Supervision Circles 

  • Supports collaboration and sharing of good practice.
  • Talk through solutions is a proactive and timely way.
  • Hive mind perspective and problem-solving
  • Having community, connection, and growing together 
  • Promotes innovation, networking, collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Accelerates your rate of growth as you learn from others – avoiding pitfalls and mistakes and maximising success.
  • Builds a culture of honesty, integrity, encouragement, appraisal, and learning for the collective. 

3-Month Programme

9.30am -11.00am, online

> Friday 24th November 2023
> Friday 8th December 2023
> Friday 22nd December 2023 
Christmas break
> Friday 5th January 2024
> Friday 19th January 2024
> Friday 2nd February 2024

£60 for members £75 for non-members

past events

23rd november 2023

Love Tutoring Autumn Festival

We came together with four inspiring, supportive and motivational workshops covering growth, marketing, exam anxiety, and finance.

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10th October 2023

Love Tutoring for World Mental Health Day

Support Your Own Mental Health: ‘Overwhelm First Aid’ & Support Your Students’ Mental Health: ‘Where the Attention goes, the Energy flows!’

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26TH JULY 2023

Wellbeing for Tutors with Hannah Knowles of Art of Brilliance

During this engaging session, Hannah shared practical strategies and insights to boost your well-being, reduce stress, and increase resilience. Discover simple yet effective techniques to promote a positive mindset, foster self-care, and find balance in your professional and personal life.

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28TH-30TH JUNE 2023

Love Tutoring Festival 4 – A Celebration of World Tutoring

In this hybrid event, we hosted panel discussions, keynote speaker events, live podcast recordings, and collaborative opportunities for tutors to connect and grow. We brought together wellbeing, development, growth, and learning together in a blend of events throughout the 3 days. 

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30TH MARCH 2023

Love Tutoring Connection Event – EdTech and Us

Discussing EdTech & Us: How EdTech is Making Personalised Learning Accessible. This event was a series of workshops, live podcasts and panel discussions with plenty of in-person and online networking opportunities.

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21ST MARCH 2023

Love Tutoring Wellbeing Festival

Learn how to honour your own wellbeing as a tutor during stressful times and discover powerful tools to help you support your students.

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Love Tutoring Leadership Festival

An opportunity to share your insights, ideas and experience on excellence in tutoring in order to raise standards in tutoring together.

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