April 24


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Qualified Tutor

In this online session, you will be invited to send a question of the team at Law Hound and learn the legalalities of tutoring.

What’s this session about?

Law Hound helps small business owners – we’re lawyers with a business heart! Over the last few years we’ve helped many tutors and tutor agencies in lots of ways – from supplying legal documents and toolkits, to helping with practical business issues and mentoring and supporting both new and growing tutor businesses.

Our legal background as qualified lawyers together with the practical knowledge which we’ve built up by running and helping small businesses for over 40 years means that we know that it’s never just law. Business problems are always multi-faceted and personal if you are running a small business. We also understand the problems that tutors face where the owners run and are still hands on in some or many areas. The balanced between growing a business whilst running one!

In this session with LH you get to ask us the questions that you need answers to. We’ll be helping tutors and tutor agencies by tackling some of the common issues faced.

How does it work?

You will be invited to send your question directly to the team at Law Hound, before 17th April for the chance to have your question answered.

Will my question definitely be included?

We’re going to include as many questions as we can answer in the session time. There are some subjects which are too complex (the answer will take up the whole of the session!) or in a subject which we won’t be covering in the session. Please see below.

What subjects will you answer questions about?

We will answer questions about running a tutor business or tutor agency business unless the question is too specialised (for example we won’t be covering property law) or too complex (where the answer would take up the whole session).

Can I remain anonymous when you answer my question?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome all questions and understand that sometimes you prefer to remain anonymous without having your name or business associated with a particular question.

Just let us know in the email which you send us when you ask the question.

About our speaker – Steph Barber

I qualified as a solicitor in 1990 and retired from private practice in 1999. I worked for 2 practices, one in North Wales and one in the Chester area, both positions as a partner. Since 2000 I have run online legal service businesses and consulted with mainly professional service business owners for most of my career.

My whole professional life has been spent problem solving, helping clients find innovative and easy to implement solutions to the pressures legislation places on business owners. That has meant staying ahead of the curve on new legal changes affecting various sectors. The recent changes in law that tutors are grappling with and providing a clear route to compliance was my mission in developing toolkits, webinars, and training courses to help. Gaining good relationships with the EAS and talking to hundreds of tutors about their concerns means I can help in a very practical and business focused way. Helping for me is all about looking beyond just the legal requirements and providing practical implementable guidance on the whole business incorporating the compliance aspects because my years of experience have shown me it’s never just about the law.