In our latest session of QT Conversations, hosted by Julia Silver, we focused on the crucial topic of professional development for tutors. This insightful discussion, featuring a panel of experienced QT Members, delved into various aspects of tutoring, education, wellbeing, and business growth. Below is a comprehensive overview of the key points covered in the conversation.

Professional Development Courses

Our panellists highlighted the importance of continuous learning through various online courses. Sue shared her positive experiences with Open Learn courses, which offer a diverse range of resources for continual learning. Yan recommended a Coursera course titled “How People Learn,” which emphasises efficient learning methods and the science behind them.

Reflective Practice & Subject Knowledge

Reflective practice emerged as a central theme in enhancing tutoring effectiveness. Tim discussed the critical role of reflective practice in identifying and addressing common misconceptions among students. Emma emphasised the benefits of discussing subject-specific topics with peers to deepen subject knowledge and improve tutoring techniques.

Tutoring Strategies

Several effective tutoring strategies were shared to help tutors stay ahead. Tim highlighted the importance of creating a culture of curiosity and embedding reflective practice into tutoring sessions. Emma pointed out the value of peer discussions in refining tutoring methods. Dee underscored the benefits of being part of the Qualified Tutor community, which offers robust peer support.

Technology in Tutoring

The conversation also touched on the role of technology in modern tutoring. Sue and Tim discussed the potential and limitations of AI in tutoring, noting that while AI can be a helpful tool, it cannot fully replace the human element of teaching. Emma mentioned the existing gap between current technological tools and traditional exam practices, suggesting a need for better integration.

Supporting Student Mental Health

Supporting the mental health of students is a vital aspect of tutoring. Tim shared the importance of helping students manage anxiety and improve their learning processes. Emma discussed the coaching aspect of tutoring, which includes supporting both students and their parents.

Balancing Business and Tutoring

The session concluded with insights on balancing the business and practical sides of tutoring. Emma highlighted the need for tutors to balance their business acumen with their tutoring skills to run a successful practice. Dee stressed the importance of practical tech use in managing tutoring businesses effectively.

This session of QT Conversations was a treasure trove of insights and practical advice, reinforcing the importance of continual learning and reflective practice in tutoring. Whether you’re an experienced tutor or just starting out, these discussions offer valuable guidance to help you grow and succeed in the education sector.