The book will be launched on Amazon in June 2024.


Tutoring is incredibly adaptable. Not only does it allow you to personalise learning to the needs of the student, but it also allows you to personalise the way you work to suit your own needs. If you have a passion for maths or reading or young people with autism, you can build a niche for yourself. If you have mobility or health issues that require you to work from home and rest regularly, that is possible.

If you want to travel the world whilst you tutor, or help ambitious but disadvantaged students get into top universities, or build a business you could one day sell for millions, all that is possible too. There are so many right ways to be a tutor, and I hope that by the time you finish reading this book, you will have found one that will work for you.

This is what educationalist Sir Ken Robinson calls being in your Element, with a capital ‘E’. In his extensive work on the subject he tells story after story of people who have struggled to walk a mainstream path, and then soared once they’d tapped into their innate abilities and aligned it with the world around them…

He says that

‘finding your Element is essential to your well-being and ultimate success’.

Sir Ken shows that when we find our Element we can achieve far more than we might imagine.