Now is the time for us to come together for the next generation

In 2018, former school leader and mother of five Julia Silver, was running on empty.

After leaving the classroom as a headteacher, she decided to jump feet first into tutoring.

Then came the pandemic.

And the discovery of how lonely, unregulated, and unsupported the world of tutoring was.

This was the drive she needed to bring this desperately needed compassion, community, and development to tutors worldwide.

Now she hosts events that are attended by hundreds of tutors, both in person and online, inviting leaders and learners to come together in safe and supported spaces. 

Her open, generous, and insightful style means that people who are welcomed onto the ‘stage’ feel safe to share their stories, and those in the audience are welcomed to do the same. 

Her bright, energetic, yet calming nature while on stage captivates audiences and invites engagement across all formats. 

Whether you need a host to guide conversations on panels, a thought-leader in education to run a specialist session, or a keynote to warm up and invite inclusive learning with your audience, Julia is able to support you in your goals for your event.

Why Tutors?

Committed to raising standards in tutoring, Julia launched Qualified Tutor, a grassroots Professional Membership Organisation for tutors to support a largely unsupported demographic within the education landscape.

With accredited training, community, and the Love Tutoring Festivals, we have now reached more than 5,000 tutors worldwide with our message that ‘Tutoring is Not Plan B, it’s a legitimate profession and for some, a better career choice’.

As a mostly unregulated and unsupported space, Julia knew how important it was to be the changemaker in this space, starting with the educators themselves. 

With community and peer support, tutors can flourish. 

Top this up with professional development, inclusive events, and opportunities for tutors to grow their own businesses, this is how we help learners get the best level of support that they can. 

Julia is passionate about improving outcomes for students by nurturing the adults that work with them.

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