Learn to Teach Inclusively Online

QT Accredited Course | Mastering the Digital Classroom

Join Gaia Learning’s certified course, ‘Learn to Teach Inclusively Online,’ led by our founder, Kirstin Coughtrie, and become an expert in creating engaging and inclusive digital learning environments that cater to the needs of all students, particularly those with neurodiverse profiles.

This comprehensive course is designed for online educators who seek to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practice and foster an inclusive and supportive digital classroom.

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Cambridge International Curriculum

Gain a deep understanding of the Cambridge International curriculum and learn how to deliver it in a digital classroom, using a range of interactive multimedia resources, edtech widgets, and online learning tools.

Best Practices for Designing an Effective Digital Learning Environment

Master best practices for designing an effective digital learning environment that accommodates the diverse needs of neurodiverse learners, such as students with dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, PDA, and ASD.

Explore the SAMR Model

Explore the SAMR Model, a framework for technology integration in education, and learn how to apply it to create meaningful and impactful learning experiences for your students.

Live Calls & Interactive Activities

Engage with fellow participants in live calls and interactive activities that build upon your understanding of the digital education landscape.

Transformational Training Values

Embrace the QT Transformational Training Values of curiosity, generosity, and reflection as you grow and develop as an inclusive online educator.

Digital Credentials

What you will achieve

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a unique digital credential verified on the blockchain, CPD accredited, and externally quality assured by Qualified Tutor. This recognition will showcase your expertise as a Gaia Certified Educator in the digital classroom and the future of education.

Join us on this exciting journey to make a meaningful impact on your students’ lives and contribute to the growing community of inclusive educators in the digital world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your teaching practice and empower your students through inclusive online education, guided by Gaia Learning’s founder, Kirstin Coughtrie.

I am so impressed by this inclusive training by Gaia Learning. I thought it was really good (and recognised the Learning Pit and references to self-direction!!). It’s an extremely valuable and accessible asynchronous training module with the additional support of 3 hours of group coaching, I thought the light tone and the humour really elevated the learner experience, and the tasks were well considered. I also loved the references to neuroscience scattered through. I am a bit of a neuroscience nerd and very aware how often educators get the neuroscience wrong.

Well done – this is such a useful and timely piece of training for any educator supporting learners in a digital classroom! 

Dr Selina Samuels GAICD