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Everything we do at Qualified Tutor is to ensure tutors get the best support, insights, and professional development opportunities possible.

Whether you're searching for educational resources to start your tutoring journey, ways to grow your independent tutoring business, or a way to level up your tutors in your tutoring agency, our Qualified Tutor membership delivers what you need.

Learn from fellow tutors and experts in an inclusive, engaged, and supportive community. Add on top of this the chance to regularly connect at virtual events you pick and choose to suit your needs (and diary!), and your tutoring journey will always be supported.

Join the global community of tutors and start your journey to furthering your tutoring excellence.

Welcome to Qualified Tutor Membership.

This is a vital part of my self care, both professionally and personally.

Dee Atkins-Greig

Independent Tutor Member

I had great support and advice from you. You are the best and it means so much for me and for my team. Thank you so much!

Adina-Cristina Tulbure

Business Tutor Member

The QT tutor training course was exceptionally helpful, instructive and inspiring. I've thoroughly enjoyed it and will make great use of the excellent resources. Thank you so much!

Deborah Delacroix

Independent Tutor Member

Transform your Tutoring


Join our highly-engaged WhatsApp community, training platform and weekly online events.


Boost your status with Daily DBS, QT Certification and our flagship course ‘Foundations of Effective Tutoring’.


Discover a wealth of events, resources and people who will enable you to THRIVE as in tutoring.

Join a Global Community of Tutors

Join like-minded tutors from all over the world to connect, develop and thrive.

Always be Learning

Together we have trained over 2,000+ tutors worldwide.

Whether you are new to tutoring or run a tutoring business, we all need to keep learning.

That’s why CPD-Certified training is included in Qualified Tutor Membership. For our Business Members, you will have access to a bespoke professional development space for your tutors, who will be able to develop their tutoring & skillset so you can provide the best tutoring for the students that come to you.

Our regular events provide learning opportunities ranging from business to wellbeing giving you a holistic learning experience.

Welcome to Qualified Tutor Membership.

While undergoing this training, I can boldly say that I have gained some confidence, and my understanding of specific approaches in tutoring has improved.

Tariboladei Egai

I had the pleasure of learning with Qualified Tutor, the team is experienced and truly exceptional, providing personalized and effective support that helped me achieve my tutoring goals. Throughout the sessions, I found the context, engaging, and truly passionate. They provided clear explanations and practical tips that helped me to master understanding of complex psyche and improved my perspective.

Muhammad Burhan Sabir

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At Qualified Tutor, certification goes beyond basic requirements. Our members have certification included in their membership, which covers a comprehensive 5-point checklist. As a member of Qualified Tutor, you have access to all these resources, ensuring you are the safest and most responsible tutor for your students.

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