Foundations of Effective Tutoring

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Blended Learning | Recorded theory | Live practicals | Digital Credentials | (CPD Accredited)
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This is a five-unit blended CPD-Accredited training course for Tutors. You will be able to watch videos, join live deep-dive sessions, and complete a range of tasks while getting feedback from the course facilitators & fellow course attendees.

2023/24 Cohort

We are now running our 2023/24 cohort for tutors & tutor businesses.

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Included in QT Membership

We provide CPD-Accredited tutor training within QT Membership, enabling you & your tutors to learn Safeguarding, Learning Skills, SEND & Feedback.

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How Does the Foundations of Effective Tutoring Training Work?

Blended learning across 5 units

We know that learning at your own pace can be tough. That’s why we have created a blended learning environment for all learners.

Self-Paced Learning

Progress through the units at your own pace. Engaging videos, tasks and discussion topics enable you to form deep understanding of each unit.

Peer-to-Peer Driven

The best learning is made when we learn together. Discussion topics, the QT community & the cohort area create a safe environment to learn & share with fellow participants.

Live Tutor Training Support

Join our facilitators each week to discuss the course, opportunities for learning, and further development. Available to current and alumni learners.

What makes QT Training special?

We are obsessed with creating effective training for you. Find out how we do it.

Hybrid Learning

This course can be completed at your own pace as you work through the videos and complete tasks. Our facilitators assess and respond to your answers, as well as hosting live drop-in clinics every Monday.


The Accredited Tutor Training provided by Qualified Tutor is designed to enable a thoughtful training process. Learners come together in discussion topics to learn from one another’s experiences and ideas.


Our QT House Rules are Be Curious, Be Generous, Be Reflective. This learning culture enables real transformation.

What are the Units in the Foundations of Effective Tutoring Training Course?

Five Units: Safeguarding, Relationship Matters, The Learning Loop, SEND, and Powerful Fedback
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Unit 1: Safeguarding for Tutors

Keeping yourself safe; keeping children safe.

Unit 2: Relationship Matters

Understanding the importance of relationship to learning and how to achieve a positive, respectful and trusting relationship.

Unit 3: The Learning Loop

Learning what makes tutoring so effective and utilising the responsive framework “The Learning Loop”.

Unit 4: Barriers for Learning: SEND, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Reflect on the barriers your students may have for learning; an introduction to working with children with special educational needs. Learn how to provide an approach to SEND, mental health & wellbeing as a tutor.

Unit 5: Powerful Feedback

Learn why we need to provide feedback and how to do it effectively as a tutor.

Why Should I Join the Foundations of Effective Tutoring Training Course?

The value of learning for tutors
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For independent tutors: When you add each Unit completion badge & CpD-Accredited digital credential to your email signature, website or social media profile, or when you post about it or add it to your newsletter, you are setting yourself apart in the minds of your clients.

You are learning from your peers, developing your tutoring practice, and providing the best solution for your students.

For tutor businesses: you can upgrade your onboarding process by providing the CPD-Accredited tutor training course for your tutors, included in your QT Membership. This sets you apart from other Tutor Businesses, with a Safe, Skilled and Supported environment for each new tutor who joins your team.

QT Members: All QT Members have our CPD-Accredited Tutor Training included. For Businesses, they can join on QT+ or above for additional tutors and discounted training for an economical option for their business.