World Tutors’ Day is a celebration of the incredible work that tutors from around the world carry out every day. A chance for students and parents to say ‘thank you’ to that individual who helped, guided, supported, encouraged and challenged.

This July 2nd 2021 will be the first celebration of this new global day and we would like to invite you to be part of the festivities. 

Students and parents, we encourage you to fill in the short form at to show gratitude to your tutor(s). It’s amazing how quickly you can make your tutor smile with a short message of thanks.

Tutors, although it goes against the philosophy of many to self-promote and ask for gratitude, it is our responsibility to ensure that the work we do is recognised and, as such, we encourage you to share the above link with the students and parents you work with.

Below, find two short messages, one from a young student who has started her own tutoring this year and the other from a student who has worked with four incredible tutors in the past year.


By Rina Silver, aged 11

A new global awareness day, World Tutors’ Day, has just been founded by my mother, Julia Silver. My mother was Deputy Headteacher in my primary school until last year (it wasn’t as bad as it sounds). She left to start her own business, Qualified Tutor, which qualifies tutors, helping them to be better at their job.

I started tutoring my friend’s little sister. We have so much fun. It’s easy for anyone at whatever age to tutor. All you need is a few worksheets, some stickers and an open mind. It’s so interesting watching them learn and understanding something new.

I think tutors work so hard, helping people who struggle in school, they need to be appreciated. So now with World Tutors’ Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to thank your tutor.

Go to or #thankyourtutor to make your tutor smile.


World Tutors’ Day by Daniel, aged 9 

Hi my name is Daniel, 

I have had four tutors Alison, Helen, Sara, and Jodi. 

Each tutor was amazing and really helped me to understand English.

I find it is important to say thank you because they have helped me so much in the world.

Go to #thankyourtutor.