Qualified Tutor Membership - Founder, Julia Silver

Why Qualified Tutor? Why Now?

The story of QT is one of passion, patience and persistence. When the idea of supporting tutors first came to me in 2019 I was leading a lovely primary school in North London. That’s where I discovered that the best way to improve outcomes for learners is to develop the adults that work with them.

At that time, my eldest had just started secondary school, and tutoring became an urgent need. As I explored the tutoring market, I noticed how few checks and balances there were to keep me, my child and the tutor, safe and secure. Thus the concept of Qualified Tutor was born.

The QT quality mark is now a robust internationally-recognised standard that represents excellence in tutoring. This is the Fair Trade, the AirBNB and the Uber of tutoring.

QT Membership includes a verified digital membership card, a listing on the QT.Directory and access to vetting, training, resources and events. This is membership that makes a difference.

We are raising standards in tutoring together. Now that you can choose a Qualified Tutor, why would you accept anything else?

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