The importance of cheerleaders in your tutoring

What a powerful session today in Supervision Circles! May is all about growth – whether it’s in our businesses, our health, our family life, or simply finding joy in our everyday moments. Today, we dove into the essence of growth using the 4 Helpful Lists tool, and the results were truly transformative.

We began by acknowledging what was already going well in our lives and our tutoring business and taking a moment to appreciate our achievements, big and small. Then, we delved into areas where clarity or additions were needed and identified areas that required our attention and fixing.

But it wasn’t all about troubleshooting. We made sure to pause and celebrate the victories, from thriving client timetables to heartwarming testimonials and even the simple joys of a well-fed family and the support of a virtual assistant. Laughter and tears flowed freely as we explored a vital question:

How do we ask for help?

We reframed the act of seeking assistance as a gift – not just to ourselves, but to those willing to lend a hand. As we looked at our lists anew, we imagined how things could be different if we dared to reach out. Perhaps this week, we’ll find the courage to seek the support we need.

And let’s not forget the importance of self-cheerleading! We’re introducing #cheerleader to our Qualified Tutor WhatsApp groups, a space designed to share our daily wins and uplift each other along the journey. This initiative aims to foster a supportive and celebratory environment where we can all contribute to each other’s growth and success.

Here’s to growth, to vulnerability, and to the beautiful dance of giving and receiving help. Together, we rise.  #SupervisionCircles #GrowthMindset #CommunitySupport #CelebratingWins

This article was written by our Supervision Circles leader, and coach, Jacqueline McGill, co-founder of Pursuit of Wisdom Coaching. Jac runs our fortnightly Supervision Circles which are free for our members to attend, or can be booked in as a non-member, here.