Let’s be honest – tutoring takes time, energy, and compassion. We so often give this to our students, reminding them of the importance of breaks during study time, or the need to give themselves compassion if they aren’t quite “getting it” yet. 

Do we do the same for ourselves as tutors? 

I recently gave myself the opportunity to catch up with a dear friend of mine, Sarah-Lynn, who is the founder of Bettering Youth Tutors (and a wellbeing mastermind). 

It was during this coffee, cake, and catch up that my mind realised how important it was to give ourselves time away from our desks to connect & unwind. It’s difficult to do this when we are caught up in the things we are “meant” to do. We are keeping busy, creating teaching plans, connecting with parents, supporting students…the list goes on! 

It’s often difficult to give ourselves that time to connect with one another. Whether it’s our business, our kids, our students, or simply the days going so fast! 

When I do give myself those few hours to sit and be fully connected with another, it’s when the real joy starts to blossom. 

I actually find I get my best business ideas when I am in these moments – is that just me? 

I noticed when I was away from the business with Sarah-Lynn that this time with her meant I was away from the craziness of my expectations for what my day should look like. It gave me the opportunity to recuperate and re-energise. 

It may have also been that added connection with a fellow adult who understood me, yet we both gave one another space and time to just be ourselves (over delicious cake of course!).

Who have you connected with recently either over coffee, the phone, or virtually? 

I’d love to challenge you to arrange a few coffee dates for the coming months and give yourself that valuable time out of the “business” brain. 

(PS – find it tricky to do this? Come and make amazing and supportive connections in our FREE Love Tutoring Community and join one of our co-working sessions to dip your toe in).