Learning English is like learning how to walk

Learning English is like learning how to walk. It’s a long road trip all over the globe.  

Students from different cultures and regions talk many languages, but not always English. Come to me and I will teach you what you want to learn in a nut shell.   Overseas students have many opportunities to learn the English language with me wherever they are in the world. They can listen to podcast conversations with other students who speak in their own particular language.   I propose a thought … if you were on a desert island with someone who didn’t speak the same language as you, would you try to talk in their language and struggle to understand what they were saying or would you get a dictionary out and understand what they are saying?   I have recently passed my second exam while completing a TEFL Level 5. Alongside this, I have been taking part in Qualified Tutor’s Level 3 Qualification for Tutors. This has given me a good grounding in the foundations of teaching and learning, and the ability to learn alongside others in real time.  

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