In the spirit of fostering independent learners: this blog is written to students directly, so please pass it on to them…

Thanks again to Jono Hey@ for use of his brilliant drawings.

What motivates you to play on your PlayStation? What motivates you to go for pizza with friends? I figure the answer is a variation on: “I enjoy it”. No one pleaded with or threatened you to meet your mates. You weren’t scared (well, maybe a bit of FOMO). But really, you just do it because you want to. That’s Motivation 3.0: ‘Intrinsic Motivation’.

It’s the best reason to get out of bed in the morning. Those of us who have jobs towards which we feel Intrinsically Motivated, feel as eager to go to work as you feel about playing PlayStation. I kid you not.

Surely, it’s worth finding out how to get a job you can be that passionate about? Surely it’s worth being that passionate right now?

The working world is changing (well, to be fair it’s always changing). So many jobs have become automated – accountants, lawyers and doctors are seeing so much of their jobs handed over to AI. But there will always be a place for creative, collaborate humans. Check out this video to see what I mean (just watch the clip from 4:53-9:25).

So what do your GCSEs and ALevels have to do with this new world and passionate way of working? It depends.

Maybe, instead of waiting for your dream job to come to you, you could turn towards your dream job and realise that all the tasks on your way to that goal are part of the journey. Whether you’re going to do a plumbing apprenticeship, a teaching course or start an online business, you’re going to need maths and English. You’re going to need to know how to work hard and how to learn on the job. It’s an exciting way to live.

So whether you’re facing down exams or just fed up of eating cold pizza for breakfast, find your passion and let that motivate you.

It’s going to be amazing.

(further watching for the over-achievers watch Seth Godin’s presentation on his brilliant book Linchpin, and then download the audiobook.)