Finding and Keeping Great Tutoring Clients (Part 3): 5 Approaches for Rejuvenating Long-Term Client Relationships


There will always be an ebb and flow with your tutoring clients.

Some will do one-time classes; others will work with you for months or even years. For the latter, it can be easy to become comfortable and used to working with this client as status quo.

It is important to make your long-term clients feel valued and special as much as the day they signed up to work as a team with you.

Here are 5 approaches for revitalising long term client relationships:

  1. Special client anniversary pins. Providing your clients with a special coloured pin for each year they work as a team with you is a unique gift and a show of appreciation. They can also be a point of conversation between your client and other families.
  2. Client appreciation packages. As the one-year mark (or another long-term milestone) approaches, provide these families with a special appreciation package. It could be something as simple as a card, client resources or a tutoring voucher. Customise each and watch your client smile.
  3. Long-term clients’ appreciation event. Online or in-person, send an invite to long-term clients inviting them to an appreciation event such as a luncheon. A delicious meal, a couple of door prizes and it is a wonderful chance to network with your long-term clients.
  4. Thank you letter. It is understated how powerful a heartfelt personalised letter of thanks can be.
  5. Surprise “Thank You” video. Imagine the thrilled reaction on your client’s face(s) when they open their inbox and see a video of their child’s achievements and a thank you from you to them. What a great way to give your relationship a boost. Also, as a secondary effect, this video might be shared and seen by other parents and guardians, a wonderful testimonial.

Thank you everyone for your participation in this three-part series.

As always, make it a great day.

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