Event Recap: Mastering Financial Mindfulness with Gospel Eadweardfilia

In our Love Tutoring Event on the 15th of November, tutors and educators came together for a thought-provoking session on “Mastering Financial Mindfulness: Bridging the Gap Between Numbers and Emotions in Your Business” led by special guest Gospel Eadweardfilia. The event, provided a platform for participants to explore the intricate relationship between personal emotions and financial decisions in the tutoring industry.

Introduction and Opening Remarks

Julia Silver kicked off the session by extending a warm welcome to the participants, expressing her anticipation for an enriching exchange of insights. Acknowledging the absence of a colleague, Carol, Julia initiated discussions about recent experiences, injecting a touch of humour by speculating on Carol’s whereabouts, possibly locked in her car.

The conversation naturally shifted towards work-related topics, with Julia sharing her positive experiences and addressing challenges, including her temporary exclusion from LinkedIn. Helen chimed in with advice on maintaining a positive online presence, steering away from potentially troublesome content.

Special Guest Introduction

The highlight of the event was the introduction of Gospel Eadweardfilia, an entrepreneur who found her way into tutoring as a means to tackle student loan debt. Gospel shared a compelling story of assisting a fellow tutor in overcoming financial stress and anxiety related to their tutoring business.

Understanding Personal Manuscripts

Gospel took centre stage, delving into the emotional dimensions of managing finances. He stressed the profound impact of personal emotions on financial decisions and encouraged participants to openly share their money beliefs and challenges they face in their businesses.

Caroline O’Brien, another qualified tutor, joined the conversation, adding valuable insights on the financial uncertainties often experienced by tutors. The discussion touched upon emotional triggers, such as impulse behaviour, regret aversion, and anxiety, which can significantly influence financial decision-making.

Emotional Triggers and Budgeting

Caroline shared her challenges with a declining clientele and parents refraining from booking sessions due to high costs. Julia empathised with this struggle, adding her own difficulties in coping with expensive tutoring fees. Strategies were explored, including the provision of recorded content and group sessions to supplement live tutoring.

Gospel, with Caroline’s input, addressed the challenge of associating personal financial failures with one’s own money. The conversation highlighted the need to separate personal and business finances for making rational decisions, especially during challenging times.

Seeking External Perspective and Conclusion

The event concluded with tangible action items identified for both Gospel and the participants. Gospel emphasised the importance of self-awareness, stress management, and understanding the intricate relationship between money and personal identity.

The significance of creating a budget and utilising techniques like “profit first” were underscored, with Gospel recommending books by Mike McCallowitz for further exploration. Action items for participants ranged from sharing resources to seeking external support and celebrating each step towards financial management.

Julia expressed gratitude to Gospel and the participants for their active engagement, concluding the session on a positive note. The event not only shed light on the emotional aspects of financial management in tutoring but also provided practical strategies for tutors to enhance their financial well-being.

In essence, “Mastering Financial Mindfulness” with Gospel Eadweardfilia proved to be an invaluable gathering, bringing together a community of tutors keen on navigating the complex intersection of emotions and finances in their businesses.

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