How to Balance Your Business Needs with Those of Your Student: The Tutoring Business Talk with Shola Alabi: Podcast Transcript

Shola Alabi delivers a masterclass on balancing the pedagogical needs of your student(s) with your business needs as an entrepreneur: it’s hard!

Shola has set up multiple tutoring business over the past 20 years, while also maintaining a high level of teaching quality for her many lucky students. Here’s how she did it …

Life is a Journey!

A deeply personal insight into the journey from teaching, through retail, and finally to tutoring taken by Victoria Burns, a cherished member of the QT Community.

Let this story inspire and encourage you to take the next steps that you need in your business, tutoring or otherwise.

Success in Tutoring with Joanne Kaminski: How to Find What Parents and Students are Looking For Podcast Transcript

The next instalment of our podcast transcript service, brought to you by the one and only Jack Simmonds.

Read on to find out more about the importance of having a coach as a tutor, how reading is crucial to learning success and what the word ‘tutorpreneur’ actually means!