20 Top Marketing Strategies for Tutors

Are you looking for ways to market your tutoring business?
Would you like to gain more clients?

Check out these 20 marketing strategies to grow your business:

1. Referrals: Word of mouth from happy customers costs next to nothing except you delivering your wonderful service. It is authentic and develops a focused client base for your tutoring company too. Parents and guardians connect with each other so never be afraid to ask for a referral.


2. Testimonials: Similar to referrals, an authentic and emotional testimonial from an ecstatic client can make such a difference when another family is looking into tutoring for their child. Posting these testimonials on your social media and website is great. Photos and videos can bring an additional layer to a worded testimonial. Again, ask and enjoy.   3. Business Networking: Joining a business group can bring new clients your way. As you build relationships within your business group, you will have advocates for your business. I found a smaller business group worked better than a larger networking group.   4. Parent/Guardian Networking: Attending parent and guardian meetings and seminars is a wonderful way to network and share what you do and how it will help a child to grow in their specific areas. Keeping these conversations authentic can make a major difference in gaining a new and eager client.   5. Donations: Offering to donate a complimentary call or consultation certificate to school auctions. Your cost is the cost of printing off the certificate and the free advertising from the school and potential client gained is worth it!   6. Annual Holiday: Select an annual holiday (eg. your business anniversary) to do a referral reward contest or provide a special gift to customers.   7. Badge System: Create a referral reward program with badge tiers. Each badge is a different level that generates exclusive customer rewards.   8. Birthday Cards: Provide each student with a custom birthday card on their birthday. Parents may print it off or share it with others online. Include your logo and one item related to your student’s interests.   9. Gift: Provide your top clients with a personalised and unique gift after a referral or testimonial. Clients share this unique gift with others which sparks conversations about your services.   10. Holiday Cards: Unique and fun holiday cards spark conversation and can lead to increased business.   11. Mini Sample Sessions: Offer 10 or 15-minute mini sessions to your client’s network. Include a reward for clients that share.   12. Report Card Roadmap: Offer your clients the opportunity to review their child’s report card and provide a goal roadmap for the term ahead.   13. Stickers: Children love stickers. Additionally, this is effective colour and brand recognition.   14. Thank You Cards: During key times of the year, send unique thank you cards thanking tutoring clients for their business. Include a subtle referral or testimonial reminder.   15. Two-for-One: Provide a special tutoring coupon to a customer with a second tutoring coupon they can share with another parent or guardian.   16. Create an Online Group for Families: Set up a special group with content that your family finds valuable. Build trust and rapport from there.   17. Host an Online Open House Event: Create an open house event to connect with your community and build relationships with potential clients. This could have the feel of an online fair or mini expo.   18. Joint Ventures: Connect with other services in your community that work with your ideal clients (eg. sports camps, dentists) and enquire about doing a joint event or cross promotion of each other’s services.   19. Lead Generators: Post a link to your lead generator (eg. 5 Key Strategies for Math Success, 10 Back to School Success Strategies) on social media. This lead can be a PDF, video or other media form. To gain the resource, a potential client needs to subscribe to your website.   20. Complimentary Client Consultations: Offer 10 or 15-minute complimentary consultations to potential clients. Remember you are nurturing your potential client base.  


If you would like to discuss the ideal marketing for your tutoring business, please feel free to reach out to Michael at michael@coachfortutors.com.

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