Some of us will remember our driving instructor, especially the one who got us through the test. The driving instructor doesn’t just teach us to drive, they touch our lives.      

I passed my driving test **ty years ago and I still recall Peter, my instructor, and his car. I used to see him driving past me a few years after my test and we always waved.

It was a great feeling that he remembered me too.

And so it must be with tutors.

Over the years, I have helped countless students, most with GCSE English language. Most have just wanted that particularly important and seemingly just out-of-reach Grade C (Grade 4 they call it now) and they were struggling on the D/C border.

If they don’t remember my name, in years to come they will remember the grey-haired man who helped them get that crucial GCSE pass in English which put them into college – and some will be grateful that they didn’t have to study English ever again!

When a student has completed their exams, I always send out a Customer Satisfaction questionnaire and invite comments. I have clearly made lasting impressions on some of the students –

G*** LOVED seeing Richard each week and strangely, actually looked forward to his English lesson.”

D*** was not happy about having a tutor, but he forgave me and now he actually tells his friends how good it was.

Richard made my son feel confident in his English which NO teacher has ever managed.


I have plenty more, but to go on sounds like I’m bragging. I just wanted to show that when you get success stories like these, it makes it all worthwhile,  and it inspires you to do more.  

So, if you’re new to tutoring, stay with it, reap the little rewards and influence some young lives.