Do you miss working with others?

For many of us in the world of running our own businesses we have moved from louder locations. With staff rooms, water coolers, and meetings to collect insights & support from.

When we go into our own business ventures we move out of this buzzing space and into a quieter one.

While this is welcomed for many of us, I must admit, I find it sometimes difficult to concentrate from my home office with the buzz of kids instead of fellow colleagues.

I recently took the decision to work from the amazing @britishlibrary once a week with two of my team members who I often connect with virtually.

This has really transformed my working week, to have an “office” to go through that is not only beautiful & filled with history, but with people too.

Do you feel the same way?

I did find I had to get into a routine, though – as moving from entirely creating my own working day, I was now going back to an a more structured experience (if only for one day a week!). If you’re anything like me, this change in routine can be a bit sticky! I had to do a few things to realign myself and continue to feel like a business owner on my own rules, too. 

1. Find a place that you love to be in. 

For me, it’s being surrounded by the history & the books at the British Library. For others, it may be the historical architecture & interiors of some of the private members’ clubs that London has to offer (such as the gorgeous Kindred in Hammersmith or the lush Arboretum). Take some time to look at a variety of options and memberships you can find. Co-working has come so far, you can get internet in most spaces, so thinking outside of the “office” box may surprise you. 

2. Let it be fun! 

Whenever I go to the “office”, I want to make sure it’s fun. Walking away from the staff room meant making my own rules, so joy needs to be a big part of what I create for myself and my business. The trip to the space, the indulgent coffees/teas, and giving myself time to take in the location are essential to making this more fun. 

3. Bring a friend. 

Community is at the core of Qualified Tutor, and I have seen how coming together with others can transform us. If you are looking for that extra connection that you are craving outside of your home office, bringing a friend may not only be beneficial for you, but for them too. 

These are just a few of the ways I have moved comfortably into this home office mixed with real-life working. I hope if you are feeling the same way, they help you too. 

If you go to a space regularly, what do you go there for? I’d love to hear all about it.

PS – we have also launched our twice weekly co-working events in our free Love Tutoring Community. If you’d like to have access to this, come on in to the community – we’d love to see you there.