No longer do you need to hang your certificates behind your desk so clients know what you’ve achieved. No need to put your trophies on the mantelpiece or hang awards in the downstairs loo. Now your verified credentials can follow you in every communication.

My favourite emails to receive from tutors are the ones with the QT Digital Membership card attached to the signature. These forward-thinking, moderately tech-savvy tutors add a link to the card which takes readers to their digital wallet. 

When I click through to the digital wallet, it’s wonderful to find out what learning that tutor has done. This is to tutoring-nerds what the Chocolate Room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was to Augustus Gloop.  One tutor said to me ‘If there’s a badge, I want it.’

Not only will it show all the QT credentials they’ve earned, it can have other credentials too. Mine holds a certificate from Oxford University and Said Business school, which would’ve made my dad very proud.

What we have created at Qualified Tutor is not just a sticker book. Like an artist carrying their portfolio around with them, a sportsperson lugging their trophies, an actor carry their Oscars, it enables tutors to showcase their expertise without saying a word.

This is how our QT Digital Credentials work. QT Members each receive their own Digital Membership Card when they join. This card becomes the front of a wallet of credentials that tutors earn with us. Every time a tutor completes a unit of learning, a digital badge gets added to their wallet. Every time they complete an entire course, a digital certificate is added too. When they attend an event, complete a skills audit or a 360 audit these pop up. We even have credentials that clock total CPD hours spent learning with Qualified Tutor.

This year for World Tutors’ Day July 2, we have created something particularly lovely. Thank You notes that are digital credentials, showing up in the QT digital wallet as a testimonial and reference. 

Of course, all of this has taken years of development from our small and mighty QT Team. Now that it’s ready to roll, the next challenge is to teach tutors how to use it.

How will QT digital credentials will transform the tutoring profession? By closing the knowledge gap between tutors and their clients. By helping parents to evaluate tutors expertise without needing to be experts themselves. And by defining excellence in tutoring.