January 26


09:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Qualified Tutor

Join us for a Bett 2024 for the Love Tutoring programme of CPD-accredited events, networking and workshops created for tutors.

Love Tutoring @Bett

Join us at the Excel building for a three day hybrid exploration of tutoring and tech in all its aspects.

Qualified Tutor is proud to have partnered with Bett for their 2024 programme of events for educators and leaders in edtech world. We will be providing three days of hybrid CPD-accredited workshops and networking for tutors.

Thanks to our partnership, tutors are now recognised as educators within the Bett admissions policy so you can continue to join the best event in edtech for free!

As much as we love visiting Bett it can get overwhelming. Plan your visit around the Love Tutoring programme and benefit from a safe space to rest and reflect throughout the conference.

Bett UK is a truly global meeting place for the EdTech community. Join 30,000+ educators and changemakers for three inspiring days of cutting-edge EdTech content, networking and product discovery!

As the biggest education technology exhibition in the world, educators will be embarking upon the ExCeL in London on 24-26 January 2024, and tutors are invited to join us in the Love Tutoring room.

W e hope you can join us in person, and we understand not everyone can get to London. This is why we have created a hybrid solution so you can join us online and experience the full programme from your own home.

Festival Agenda

Wednesday 24th January

Morning Programme:
What is a Tutor’s Place in the Future of Education?
We’ll start the festival with some blue sky thinking from some of our profession’s top speakers.

Afternoon Programme:
What Have We Learned from the National Tutoring Programme?
An honest exploration of how the NTP has provided insights at scale for what works well in tutoring with panels and presentations from some of the key people in the NTP.

Thursday 25th January

Morning Programme:
What Kind of a Tutor are You? Explore Your Options
Time to get personal and reflect on what kind of tutor you want to be and which pedagogical apporaches drive your practice.

Afternoon Programme:
How Tech is Enabling the Evolution of Education and How You Can Get Involved
Hear from the founders of some of the world’s first online schools and explore the furthermost boundaries of tutoring.

Friday 26th January – Tutors Need Tutors

Join us to finish this fantastic programme of events for Tutors with our focus on Tutor communities, support systems, and next steps.

What can I expect when I join?

Inspirational panels, keynotes, workshops and roaming podcasters discussing wide ranging aspects in the tutoring profession in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Imagine your favourite leaders in tutoring coming together for a cup of tea and a chat in the best possible staff room. This is learning at its loveliest!

Should I come in person or is it enough to join online?

Great question! The answer is totally down to you. If you come to the Excel building you will meet and connect with people in a really powerful way. Amazing things happen at our in person events. But we run our events hybrid because we know that not everyone can come down to London, and we are determined to include all tutors.

We go above and beyond to make every participant feel included. Whereever you are on your tutoring journey, and whether you join us online or in person, you will be greeted with a warm welcome.