January 31


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Qualified Tutor

Join us to learn how to deepen your impact with students and how coaching is transforming coaching with Sam Moinet.

Are you a tutor that wants to deepen your impact with students? 

How about learning new skills to skyrocket your personal growth?

Or maybe you want to find out more about how coaching is transforming tutoring?

Then join Sam Moinet, founder of Student Breakthrough and the Educators Coaching Academy for a brand-new event called…

Tutor Mastery: Coach Training for Tutoring Success

What is in it for you?

Enhanced Communication Skills: Tutors need strong communication skills to understand and guide their students effectively. You will take away new skills to connect with your students on a deeper level.

Broader Impact: Learn how to create a broader impact for the overall development and success of your students. Understand new factors beyond academics, such as mindset, motivation, and life skills, to support your students in a comprehensive way.

Empowerment: Coaching is centred around empowering individuals to take ownership of their growth and development. You will learn how to develop a sense of responsibility and independence in learning and decision-making and be able to teach that to your students.

Positive Relationships: Coaching is built on positive and supportive relationships between coaches and clients. Find out how to build deeper and more meaningful connections with your students, fostering a positive and empowering environment.

But this is not for everyone…

This is for the tutor that wants to stand out from the crowd, offer transformative support for their clients and is hungry to grow their own personal development. 

We have already trained a QT member; Daisy Hotoph on our ECA Certification with fantastic results…

“I’ve been with the ECA since August, and it’s changed how I view my role as a tutor – and now as a coach. I’d highly recommend the ECA to anyone who believes that tutoring isn’t just about the academics and grades, but also about the impact we can have on student’s mindsets and their mental health. Sam, the ECA team and wider community of coaches are all so supportive, inspiring, and passionate about their work. ECA has been a total game changer in developing my career into 2024!”

About our speaker: Sam Moinet

Sam Moinet is leading the revolution in school well-being.

As an international speaker and coach his aim is to transform emotional support for young people and create lasting change for future generations. 

As a classroom teacher, Sam found problems within the education system. Many students failed to achieve the grades they wanted, they lacked self-confidence and were not motivated to achieve their very best.

After feeling frustrated with the lack of support for young people, Sam wanted to have a bigger impact on his students and provide them with essential life skills so that they can create success, happiness, and well-being without pushing their problems away.

Having gained his coaching qualifications, Sam created Student Breakthrough and began working with students on a one-to-one basis, the results were incredible. His enthusiastic and professional approach gave students the chance to learn so much about themselves which enabling them to overcome their challenges.

Sam created his own coaching programme that uses simple and effective tools so that students can believe in themselves, who they are and how they can achieve their best. So far, Student Breakthrough has helped 1000’s of students worldwide.

Sam is now Director of the Educators Coaching Academy (ECA) which offers ICF coach training to teachers and tutors. The ECA has trained 100’s of educators across the world in order to bring coaching to more students and help more young people.

As an experienced speaker, Sam shares his passion for coaching, education and teaching with diverse audiences across the world.