Come join our online Supervision Circles for Tutors where we focus on reflection and support each other in our tutoring journey.

Supervision Circles for Tutors – Focusing on Reflection

Our fortnightly Supervision Circles enable tutors to experience the transformative power of professional development in a safe, supportive environment.

Supervision Circles are the cornerstone of your career and self-development plan. They’re where you gain insights, refine your skills, and find the support needed to excel in your field. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, They offer a space for reflection, growth, and collaboration.

What to expect:

– A confidential and supportive space for self-reflection and learning

– Tailored sessions to meet your individual needs and goals

– Opportunities to share best practices, problem-solve, and innovate with peers

– Accelerated growth through collective knowledge and experience

– A culture of honesty, integrity, and encouragement

Our format includes a selection of these elements:

– One-minute check-ins for all participants

– Reflective writing space for personal insights

– Peer-to-peer feedback and actionable insights

– Mastermind sessions for collaborative problem-solving

– Open Q&A and support session

– One-minute check-out and accountability for all

Take charge of your professional development journey. Join our Supervision Circle today and unlock your full potential.