The Heart With Ears Workshop helps tutors transform their connection through listening, empathy and communication in an interactive session

Heart With Ears

Navigating Connection through Listening, Empathy and Communication

The Heart With Ears Workshop helps tutors transform their connection through listening, empathy and communication in a 60 minute, interactive workshop.

We currently live in a world where people are more connected than ever before, yet at the same time more disconnected than past generations. This paradox and lack of genuine connection can impact your relationships, cause you to feel isolated and create emotional distance between others; both in your personal & professional life.

Who is this for?

  • Caregivers: tutors, educators, parents and youth workers

What will be included?

  • Inspirational story from Sam
  • High energy activities and games
  • Learn the Breakthrough Basics of Coaching
  • Understand the 4A Coaching System
  • Clear action steps for your audience to implement

What results will we achieve?

  • Build stronger connections with friends, family, students and colleagues
  • Learn simple listening techniques to improve your communication skills
  • Understand the importance of developing empathy to unite people together
  • Have fun in a high energy session that will leave people buzzing

What people are saying about the workshop…

“I found the session on listening, empathy and connection very insightful. I learned loads of new action steps, which I intend to implement going forwards. Would definitely recommend!”Nadia Hubbard

“You will find Sam’s passion for people and their development infectious, whilst his transparency and openness is refreshing. He is able to translate his deep passion for and knowledge of coaching principles into grounded, digestible ideas.”Matthew Wood

Sam is an inspiration and is in a fantastic position to revolutionise well-being. I admire his enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurship, plus his energy to move people into taking action right away. I highly recommend this workshop! – Nathan Walker

“Sam is the most inspirational individual, full of energy, and managed to spread that energy to the 100 people at the event. He motivated us all to take action and build our future, instead of watching it slip by.” – Jinyuan Meng

About Sam Moinet…

Sam Moinet, a former teacher, international coach/speaker and founder of Student Breakthrough and the Educators Coaching Academy is leading the revolution in school well-being.

His passion and determination to the cause comes from the frustrations he experienced during his own teaching career, feeling as though he never had the right training, knowledge, or time to help young people manage their emotions.

He found common barriers of anxiety, under achievement, low motivation, self-esteem and a lack of confidence were stopping his students from reaching their full potential, and Sam was confused about the right strategy to implement in order to help them.

This realisation in 2017 led Sam to set up his own coaching academy, and Student Breakthrough was born. Student Breakthrough has dramatically changed the lives of thousands of young people worldwide, using their 3B programme .

This success prompted educators to learn these transformational coaching skills and the Educators Coaching Academy (ECA) was created. The ECA improves mental health, confidence and motivation of participants which in turn leads to significant personal and professional growth.

As an experienced international speaker, Sam shares his passion for coaching, education and teaching with diverse audiences across the world.