The summer is coming, and as a tutor, you may be unsure on how to make income while the children are on holiday, join us to discuss.

Join us for our July Independent Tutors Club meeting, where we’ll tackle the topic of maximizing your income as a tutor during holiday periods. With school breaks often presenting unique opportunities and challenges, it’s crucial for tutors to strategize and capitalize on these periods effectively.


  • Strategies for Holiday Tutoring: Explore proven strategies for attracting students during holiday breaks, whether it’s through specialized workshops, intensive courses, or targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Sharing Success Stories: Hear from fellow tutors who have successfully navigated holiday tutoring and learn from their experiences. Discover creative approaches to scheduling, pricing, and curriculum development that have yielded positive results.

This meeting will provide you with valuable insights and actionable tips to make the most of holiday tutoring opportunities and maximize your income.