Join us with Sam Crabtree of IDL to run through lessons and how to review SEN students progress.

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Love Tutoring event scheduled for the 16th of February at 11 am, featuring the expertise of Sam Crabtree from IDL. This event promises an insightful showcase of our IDL Literacy & IDL Numeracy by Strand interventions, specifically designed as SEN provisions for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

During the event, Sam Crabtree will guide participants through a detailed exploration of the key features of IDL Literacy & IDL Numeracy by Strand. The focus will be on understanding how these interventions serve as effective tools for addressing the unique learning needs of students with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

A highlight of the event will be a practical run-through of selected lessons from both interventions, allowing attendees to experience firsthand the engaging and tailored content that IDL offers. Sam will demonstrate how to seamlessly integrate these interventions into tutoring sessions, providing practical insights into enhancing the learning experience for students facing specific learning challenges.

Another crucial aspect of the event will be a discussion on reviewing students’ progress using IDL Literacy & IDL Numeracy by Strand. Sam Crabtree will share valuable strategies for leveraging the assessment and monitoring tools embedded within the interventions. This session aims to equip educators and tutors with the skills needed to effectively track and measure the advancement of students over time, ensuring personalised and adaptive teaching approaches.

We encourage attendees to actively participate in the event, engaging in discussions, asking questions, and collaborating with peers. This Love Tutoring event offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about IDL’s interventions and their potential impact on the educational journey of students with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

We extend our gratitude to Sam Crabtree and IDL for their contribution to this anticipated event. Join us on the 16th of February at 11 am for an informative and enriching session as we explore innovative approaches to tutoring and supporting learners with diverse needs.

About our speaker, Sam Crabtree:

Sam is the Interventions Advisor at International Dyslexia Learning Solutions Ltd for the South East of England. He is interested in all things education and bettering the learning experience of those with learning difficulties.