Learn how to streamline your tutoring sessions and maximize your time with resources specifically designed for Maths and English tutors, so

How to get your weekends back as a tutor – Resources for Maths & English Tutors

Are you tired of spending your weekends planning lessons and grading papers? Join us for an online event where we will share valuable resources and tips to help you reclaim your weekends! Whether you tutor Maths or English, you’ll find practical advice to streamline your workload and improve your work-life balance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your tutoring experience more efficient and enjoyable!

About Functional Skills Resources

Functional Skills Resources is a platform owned by Lyn Calver and Pete Middleton, designed to make life easier for tutors by providing engaging and time-saving resources for English and maths. Our platform offers:

  • Over 300 resources from Entry Level to Level 2 Functional Skills.
  • New resources added monthly to continuously expand our offerings.
  • Real-life examples to make learning more engaging and relevant.
  • Various formats including How-to Guides, Life Skills workbooks, PowerPoints, quizzes, and more.
  • Subscription options available for individuals and organizations, with annual and monthly plans.
  • Endorsement by NOCN, an Awarding Organisation based in Sheffield.

About Lyn Calver
Lyn has been passionate about English and maths education since 2004. She has extensive experience helping diverse groups, including children, college students, apprentices, and adult learners, achieve success in these subjects. As the Managing Director of LC Education and Training, Lyn provides corporate workshops that integrate key Functional Skills, such as effective communication and customer service. She is responsible for creating how-to guides, PowerPoints, video content, and managing subscriptions.

About Pete Middleton
With fifteen years of experience in Functional Skills, Pete writes Life Skills resources that are grounded in everyday scenarios. By day, he teaches Functional Skills maths and ESOL maths and English, with experience in various settings including colleges, training providers, prisons, and online platforms. Pete is dedicated to making lessons more engaging through clear, easy-to-read workbooks. In addition to resource creation, he serves as the Account Manager, addressing customer questions and networking with FE sector colleagues nationally.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to streamline your tutoring process and enhance the learning experience for your students. We look forward to seeing you there!