A Child-Centred Approach to School Placement Programmes, with the Co-Founder of EducAd Consulting, Yuliya Kosko: Podcast Transcript

We delve into the world of school placement support here, with Yuliya Kosko, Co-Founder of EducAd Consulting. EducAd was set up by Yuliya and her business partner, Ivona, to facilitate better support for, predominantly, Russian families looking for better education for their children here in the UK.

It’s a heartwarming story and continues to be a vital system for many children and parents across the country.

The Global Online Tutoring Market: What It Means to be an Effective ESL Tutor in 2021: Podcast Transcript

Want to know what it means to be an effective ESL tutor in 2021?

Want to know what ESL stands for? (We can tell you that bit: English as a Second Language)

But to find out the ins and outs of what it takes, you’ve got to listen to Crystal Weber, Founder of ESL curricula platform, Crystal Clear ESL …