Language Matters #5: Use Your Words

In the final part of his series on the importance of language, Jack Simmonds takes us through the (negative) impact of the phrase “Use your words.”

Instead, Jack suggests some alternative ways of approaching this situation and gives helpful guidance on the key areas to avoid in order to facilitate a more understanding relationship between educator and student.

Language Matters #4: Expressive and Receptive Communication

Jack returns for #4 in his new mini-series on the importance of language, and here, communication.

Have you heard of ‘expressive’ and ‘receptive’ communication? Now’s the time to jump in and learn about how and why some individuals may struggle with communication, including you yourself.

“Communication is much more than language”. Let’s hear it, Jack 👏

Life is a Journey!

A deeply personal insight into the journey from teaching, through retail, and finally to tutoring taken by Victoria Burns, a cherished member of the QT Community.

Let this story inspire and encourage you to take the next steps that you need in your business, tutoring or otherwise.