A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming QT Certified: Empowering Independent Tutors

The QT Certification process is a new initiative designed to elevate the stature of independent tutors by providing meaningful independent quality assurance. The QT Certification programme is structured into three key categories: Safe, Skilled and Supported.

QT Certification can be done in stages. Tutors are required to submit all the required evidence for the Safe category to achieve QT Certified status. Tutors are then invited to submit their evidence for the Skilled and Supported category in their own time.

Throughout the certification process, you can seek assistance from our Tutor Support team hannah@qualifiedtutor.org.

Breakdown of the QT Certified Evidence Requirements


This segment focuses on essential evaluations, mandating an Enhanced DBS check registered on the Update Service, completion of safeguarding training, possession of appropriate insurance, verified feedback, and having essential policies in place (including GDPR compliance, safeguarding, and terms and conditions). Upon submitting evidence for this category, our team will internally review your application. Once approved, your certification, membership card, and QT.Directory listing will be uploaded. Subsequently, you’ll be able to progress at your own pace through the remaining two sections.

Becoming QT Certified is a testament to your commitment to excellence as an independent tutor. This certification not only validates your professional competence but also underscores your dedication to maintaining high standards in tutoring.

Remember, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. For any enquiries, reach out to hannah@qualifiedtutor.org. Our aim is to facilitate your journey through the certification process, ensuring you meet the necessary standards as an independent tutor.

If you’re ready to become QT Certified, go here https://www.qualifiedtutor.org/becoming-a-qt-certified-tutor/