How to Balance Your Business Needs with Those of Your Student: The Tutoring Business Talk with Shola Alabi: Podcast Transcript

Shola Alabi delivers a masterclass on balancing the pedagogical needs of your student(s) with your business needs as an entrepreneur: it’s hard!

Shola has set up multiple tutoring business over the past 20 years, while also maintaining a high level of teaching quality for her many lucky students. Here’s how she did it …

Helping You Put Profit First in Your Business, with Profit First Certified Master, Susanne Mariga: Podcast Transcript

Dive into the world of Profit First, with Susanne Mariga: a Profit First Certified Master and author of ‘Profit First for Minority Business Enterprises’.

This conversation will 10x your business approach and the way in which you view profit in the framework of your business strategy.

Oh and Susanne is also the Founder of the hugely successful accountancy firm Mariga CPA, based in Houston.

Advice Monsters and the Power of Thrilling, Important & Daunting: An Interview with Michael Bungay Stanier, Podcast Transcript

Jack Simmonds returns to transcribe his own episode!

Jack spoke to Wall Street Journal bestselling author on coaching, Michael Bungay Stanier, about Michael’s 7 Questions, his upcoming book and the life lessons that have guided him throughout his long and esteemed career. Not bad, ey?