World Tutors’ Day

It’s time to #ThankYourTutor to celebrate World Tutors’ Day on 2nd July, 2023.

We know how important tutors are to our children. As parents ourselves, we created Qualified Tutor and World Tutors’ Day to celebrate tutors globally. This year we want to show our tutors how much they mean to us with our #ThankYourTutor campaign.

This is your time to show your tutor how much they mean to you. You will receive an invitation to share your thoughts and thank you note which will be sent directly to your tutor to be included in their very own digital wallet that they can share publicly.

As a parent, you can share your thank you note, or you can invite your child/ren to do so – if you wish to remain anonymous, just let us know.

We hope you see how wonderful this can be for our tutors, and we know this will mean the world to them when they receive your kind note just as we head into a new school year.

Write Your Note
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