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Love Tutoring Festivals

Magical hybrid events to keep you connected. Our festivals cover wellbeing, leadership, EdTech, and business, with opportunities to learn, network & be inspired.

Member Events

Events held for our QT Accredited Tutors & QT Accredited Partners to connect, network, and learn together. Held both online and in person.

Tutor Community

An engaged, supportive space for tutors to connect globally.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Creating connected, supported events & spaces for tutors.


Our tutor-centered hybrid festivals are designed to be all-encompassing, empowering, motivating, and informative, catering to tutors worldwide. The success of our festivals is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors.

We work closely with each sponsor to guarantee the best possible experience for our community. If you think your company would make a great sponsor for our events, kindly complete a sponsorship application form. Our team will contact you to learn more about your business, the services or products you provide, and determine which of our events would align with your objectives.

Sponsorship Benefits:

Audio Advert: Host read

An audio message announced to all attendees at the beginning or end of the event. Can feature a web address.


Host a Panel

Host and headline a scheduled panel.


Branded social media posts + email marketing bulletin

Special unique social media posts and/or marketing email announcing the sponsorship of the programme. 


Co-branded social media posts about the event

All posts would mention/mark and tag sponsor organisation.


Co-Branding on Event Platform

The name and/or the logo of the sponsor, to be included on all event pages. Can feature linked logos in header or footer of pages.


Branded Virtual Backgrounds & Presentations

Design of a unique virtual background featuring QT and sponsor logos + An event presentation (slideshow) template is provided to all speakers, for them to use during their presentations.


Distribution of sponsor written mailings to delegates

For example, have your article, whitepaper or blog shared within our delegate mailing communications.

Co-branding on all marketing & event communications

All communications will include your logo.


Virtual Booth / Sponsor Page within the Event Platform

Sponsor webpage (in the form virtual booths)

Pages can include information about the organisation; video, audio, links to their social media profiles – to promote their offerings (products and services) and can include a CTA button (e.g. buy a product) or their contact details if attendees would like to get in touch.

In-Room Branding

Consistent branding throughout the event.


Free In Person access to the event

Free access to our Love Tutoring Event, depending on sponsorship level, you can bring a member/s of your team with you too.


Love Tutoring Festival 4 - Sponsor Opportunities

Our Love Tutoring Festival 4 – Celebration of World Tutoring, has a selection of sponsorship opportunities. This hybrid event is free for all to attend, thanks to our sponsors.

If you wish to enable tutors to join this transformative event on 28th – 30th June 2023, we would love to invite you to reach out.

Past Sponsors:

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We want all tutors to be safe, skilled and supported.

This is why our Love Tutoring Festivals and many of our events are available to attend for free thanks to our QT Accredited Business Partners and Sponsors.

To keep abreast of all of our upcoming events in our community, the first step to take is to join the free Love Tutoring Community.

If you then wish to access our premium events, or attend our in-person sessions, coaching, and networking events, you can apply to be a QT Member, to start your journey as a QT Accredited Tutor Business.

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QT Membership gives QT Members and their clients the peace of mind they need to trust the tutoring process.

Membership includes:

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  • Inspiring connections