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QT Membership is the most cost-effective way to benefit from all the Qualified Tutor/Love Tutoring resources. It’s designed with you in mind.

Annual Membership:

Monthly Membership:

Developed for small tutor teams

This is our Accredited membership providing professional & digital credentials for tutors who have a small team of tutors to develop & grow.

Online group coaching

Access our weekly group coaching across business, SEND, and wellbeing.

Tutor Community

Community matters. That’s why we invite all members to join us within our Love Tutoring Community for support and connection.

Digital credentials & quality assurance as standard

Custom branded QT Membership Card verified on the blockchain to showcase your commitment to Safe, Skilled & Supported tutoring.

Training for you & your tutors

Transformational training is imperative for your success as a tutor & for your team. Our CPD Accredited Tutor training is included with membership + additional discounts for further learning.

QT & Partner Discounts

We have handpicked our QT Partners to provide our members with member-only discounts, alongside our own. QT Essentials Members receive 10% off QT courses, training, festivals & events.

Special Summer Term Offer - 3 months free

The best time to explore new resources tends to be the summer months. With this in mind, we’ve created a Special Summer Term offer for you.

Become a QT Essentials or QT Accredited Member and you will receive 3 months free.

As an added bonus, the team at Pencil Spaces have given all QT Members 3 months free trial to their all-singing-all-dancing premium online classroom.

Annual Membership:

Monthly Membership:


QT Accredited Membership Benefits


Customisable Bespoke Directory Listing

Showcase your tutoring business through our QT Directory. Your website, subjects covered, specialisms, and profile will be created & shared on the directory for parents & students to find you. You will also have the opportunity to customise & update your profile, with chat & posting functionality.


Enhanced DBS with digital ID Check

For members: £49 (non-members: £69)


Responsible Tutoring Audit

Based on the International Tutoring Framework.

Complete the audit and a member of the team will review and provide recommendations. This is listed with your QT.directory listing.


15% discount on Safeguarding Training Level 2

Available for you and your named tutors. Complete Safeguarding Level 2 Training and obtain a Level 2 Certificate with a member-only discount of 15%.


15% discount on Level 3 Award in Education & Training

Upskill your tutoring with our Ofqual accredited Level 3 course for tutors. Available for you and your named tutors.


Tracker Dashboard

Onboarding, Induction, Training, Professional Development Tracker Dashboard with admin access for up to 1 team member. (additional users £7/month)



Custom branded QT Membership Card verified on the blockchain

You can share this to your social media, on your website & in marketing and each named tutor will receive one with their name & your logo.


CPD & QT Accredited Tutor Training

included for up to 5 tutors per year (£64 for additional tutors)


Bespoke Tasks for Your Tutors

Create & upload 1 bespoke task for your tutors within the QT Accredited Training platform. (additional tasks £47)


QT Partner Discounts & Offers

Available only for members, with transformative businesses, software & edtech solutions for tutors.


Love Tutoring Festivals & Events Sponsorship

Showcase your business to our Festival & Event attendees with member-only options.


15% discount on Love Tutoring Festivals & Events

Join us at our magical events & festivals with an additional 10% off tickets. 

Tutor Training

What’s included


What Our Members Say

Qualified Tutor is amazing. The amount of support and guidance is the best I’ve ever had from any online course. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this course and being part of the Tutor community forums.

Vanessa Hopes

Oh my word!!!!!!

I can’t thank you enough, on all fronts!!
Thank you, thank  you, THANK YOU!

Vicki Charlton

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