Accredited Tutor Training Course

A 5-unit transformative blended tutor training course, accredited by CPD

Receive your four one on one coaching sessions with Adrian Conway, who is our leadership, education, and classroom specialist.

Coaching is an important part of developing as a tutor - whether you are looking for support with your tutoring goals, or need a sounding board to connect with who will give you actionable solutions, our tutor coaches are specialists in supporting and coaching tutors just like you.

With this coaching package, you will receive 4 x one hour one on one coaching sessions with Adrian Conway, our education specialist. Upon purchase, you will be invited to confirm the best dates to hold your coaching sessions with Adrian to get started.

Each session is a virtual opportunity to work on your educational goals as a tutor, and develop your business. If you wish to continue coaching with Adrian upon completion of your 4 sessions, you will be able to reserve further coaching sessions with him.

Quality Assurance

Qualified Tutor have developed our training tools for tutors to provide transformational, quality training.

Digital Credentials

QT Accreditation comes with shareable, verifiable digital credentials to evidence a tutor’s commitment to Responsible Tutoring.

Transformational Tools

Innovative courses, audits, community and events to stimulate professional dialogue at every level.