Level 3 Tutor Training Upgrade

Upgrade your tutor training, after completion of your CPD-Accredited 5-part training course.

Qualified Tutor’s Level 3 Award in Education and Training builds on the 4-part CPD accredited Course. It covers the foundations of teaching and learning, and will help you to think like an educator. 

The Level 3 takes your thinking a stage further with 2 additional units spread over 4 weeks, and you will receive a Level 3 in Education Ofqual Certification.

  • Unit 6: Live Topic Review & Observed Sessions
  • Unit 7: Assessment Portfolio

To join this course you must have already completed the 5 units of the 5-part CPD course. If you are not sure, please contact Hannah and Ludo on courses@qualifiedtutor.org to check your eligibility.

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Our Level 3 Qualification is for ambitious tutors of all subjects and levels of expertise who appreciate the importance of continuous professional development and reflective practice.

This course will allow you to think about the big ideas in education today, and to engage in a professional dialogue with like-minded people.

This qualification is a Level 3 in Education and Training, internationally accredited by Ofqual. Completion will provide you with our QT Quality Mark, a shareable verifiable digital credential which will help to set you apart as a qualified tutor.

What you need to know:

There are two required assessments (Units 6 and 7).
Unit 6 is a Live Topic Review and Observations. You will teach the cohort a short live session and you will observe at least three others teaching also.
Unit 7 is a Written Assessment. You will be asked to summarise key aspects of the course in a clearly-scaffolded and structured portfolio.
The Level 3 takes 3-4 hours/ week for 8 weeks to complete.


Unit 6: Live Topic Review and Observations
Unit 7: Written Assessment
Post Course Activities, including lifetime access to the Live Group Unit Workshops to refresh your knowledge & support those learning the units for the first time

This course is for you if:

You have completed your 5-part CPD Accredited Tutor Training and wish to develop further
You are an experienced tutor with professional curiosity
You are a new tutor who needs to understand the foundations of tutoring
You want to earn the Qualification and Quality Mark to differentiate your tutoring service

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our Course Administrators, Ludo and Hannah, on courses@qualifiedtutor.org

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