Wharfside Tutors Tutor Training Course

Get started with your Accredited Tutor Training

This course is provided for free if you work with Green Tutors.

This is a five-unit blended CPD-Accredited training course created by Qualified Tutor, for Green Tutors’ Tutors.

As a part of your onboarding as a Wharfside Tutors’ tutor, this training will enable you to complete essential training prior to becoming a Green Tutors Tutor.

You will be able to watch videos, join live workshops, and complete a range of tasks while getting feedback from the course facilitators. All are housed within an engaging, supportive, and information-led training space.

Upon completion of each unit, you will receive a digital verification to show your understanding of each area.

When you complete all 5 units, you will receive your digital certification, all held within an easy to share digital wallet.

Congratulations on making the decision to become a Green Tutors Tutor. As a part of your onboarding process, Green Tutors and Qualified Tutor have created a bespoke accredited tutor training course which will give you the key skills to being a Safe, Skilled and Supported Tutor within Green Tutors.

This training course will give you access to blended learning - which means you can take the course at your own pace + join live unit workshops to deep dive into each unit. You will also have access to the FREE Love Tutoring Community for further support and connection with tutors, and your own private community for fellow Greens Tutots' Tutors.

What you need to know:

  • The five units are available to access in your own time with weekly live unit deep dives to complete each unit learning.
  • You must complete a range of tasks in each unit to show your learning.
  • Each CPD-Accredited Tutor Training Unit takes 2-3 hours to complete.
  • This is a blended course - you can complete at your own pace, as well as join Live Workshops that cover each unit throughout the training.


  • Unit 1: CPD Safeguarding
  • Unit 2: Relationship Matters
  • Unit 3: The Learning Loop
  • Unit 4: Barriers for Learning: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and Mental Health
  • Unit 5: Powerful Feedback

Quality Assurance

Qualified Tutor have developed our training tools for tutors to provide transformational, quality training.

Digital Credentials

QT Accreditation comes with shareable, verifiable digital credentials to evidence a tutor’s commitment to Responsible Tutoring.

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