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Reduced Costs for QT Members


A robust and expedient way to ensure the highest level safety assurance for tutoring.

An Enhanced DBS check is the highest level of criminal record check carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This level of DBS Check is only available to organisations. Qualified Tutor is proud to be able to help all UK-based tutors offer this reassurance to their clients.

If you are a QT Member you can obtain your Enhanced DBS Check with a digital ID check for £49, or as a non-member, you can complete the check for £69. Become a member here.

What are DBS Checks?
The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) provides DBS Checks to enable employers to check prospective employees’ criminal history.

DBS Checks are designed to help employers make safe recruitment decisions and prevent people from doing work they’re unsuitable for.

What is a Digital ID Check?

Digital Identity Checks are a fully digital way to verify your identity. Instead of showing a physical identity document, you can provide the same information digitally.

Our service complies with new guidance from the Disclosure and Barring Service as well as the Home Office, updated in 2022 to allow for Digital Identity Checks. Our automated checks can verify identities to support Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks, authenticating:

  • Passports
  • PASS cards
  • Driving licences
  • How can Digital Identity Checks assist my organisation?
  • Identity checking is a crucial stage in the recruitment process. A Digital Identity Check helps protect your organisation from fraud and increases the efficiency of your checks.

Digital Identity Checks can be useful for all tutors but are particularly suited to those who need a number of pre-employment checks, like DBS Checks, carried out on their tutors/practitioners. We have selected to provide Enhanced DBS with Digital Identity Checks over manual ones because:

  • Speed – you can upload documents and verify your identity during the application process, saving you time.
  • Quality – a Digital Identity Check scans the biometric data on a document, making it more thorough than a physical check; there’s no need to worry if a document could have been forged – this is particularly useful for our tutor business owners who wish to check multiple tutors in their agency during onboarding.
  • Reliable – a Digital Identity Check verifies a set scope of requirements and does so every single time; there’s no risk of human error
  • Scope – with the ability to check passports, PASS cards and driving licences from over 200 countries, you no longer need to worry if you’ve never seen a particular document before
  • During the process, applicants only need to share the information that is necessary.


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