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Nudge Education Tutors who join the CPD Course, receive 3 months FREE access to the LTC+ membership (£7.50 per month thereafter).

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Course Participants

View the current and past Mannings Course participants below – you can scroll through each person to see who has completed each task and unit.

Course Syllabus

Nudge Course Syllabus

Unit 1 – Safeguarding for Tutors

To familiarise you as a tutor with policies and procedures for keeping yourself and keeping children safe in education.

This Course Covers:

Part 1: Keeping Yourself Safe
– Prevention through Professionalism
– The 7 Ps of Professionalism
Part 2: Keeping Children Safe
– The 3 Rs: Recognise, Respond, Report
– Some contemporary issues

PLUS Nudge Practitioners receive an added Safeguarding Top Up task.

Unit 2 – Relationship Matters

To give you an understanding of the importance of relationship to learning and how to achieve a positive, respectful and trusting relationship.

This Course Covers:

Part 1: Creating a Culture of Learning
Part 2: The 3 Building Blocks of an Effective Tutoring Relationship: Positivity, Respect and Trust

Unit 3 – The Learning Loop

To introduce you to what we know works best in teaching and learning within the responsive framework of the Learning Loop.

This Course Covers:

Part 1: What makes tutoring so effective?
Part 2: The Learning Loop

Unit 4 – Unit 4: Barriers for Learning: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Mental Health and Wellbeing

To reflect on the barriers your students may have for learning: with an introduction to working with children with special educational needs, and to provide an approach to Special Educational Needs, Mental Health and Wellbeing in relation to the role of a tutor.

This Course Covers:

Part 1: Special Educational Needs and Disability
– Learning without Limits
– A Glossary of Terms
Part 2: Mental Health
– Causes, Symptoms and Methods of Management


How Will I Be Assessed?

Each unit has pre-recorded content and tasks to complete. The tasks range from sharing your thinking around a model, reflecting on your own practice or completing a canvas together, a canvas is a shared document that we use so that all of our participants can be on the same page.

What is Included?

You will be invited to the CPD Cohort which is held online via our community portal.

You will also receive your Membership Card directly to your inbox to show proudly as your digital wallet, which will include the badges & certificate you receive upon completing the units in this course. 

3 months FREE access to the LTC Connect membership to access supportive peer-to-peer conversations, subject-specific hubs, Fortnightly Facilitated Focus Groups, and events to help you continue to develop and grow.

If you are an Agency Tutor – you will also be invited to join your own Digital Staff Room to connect with fellow tutors within the agency you have selected.  

How Long Will the Course Take?

As this course is self-paced we do give you the opportunity to go through this at (you guessed it!) your own pace! 

With 4 units & 8 CPD hours, you can expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours/week for four weeks. However, you can do this as quickly as you wish. 

How Will I Receive My Badges & Certificates?

Each unit in the self-paced CPD Course shares an accredited badge for you to showcase proudly.