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Where it all started

Tutoring can be lonely, but no longer does it need to be.

This is how Julia Silver felt in 2020, just as the world closed for many of us, she decided to open up the doors for tutors to connect, learn and support one another. Four festivals, countless events, trainings, membership and 3 years later, here’s her story for why what tutors need right now, more than ever, is a community showcasing their commitment to Responsible Tutoring.

Raising Standards in Tutoring Together

As with many great mum friendships, their kids brought Odette and Julia together.

Julia left school leadership to establish Qualified Tutor in 2018. Odette left her high-flying role in the corporate world to join Julia and create the change she needed for her own children.

Their paths through life have been different, but now they have converged. Today we are both committed to bringing clarity to the tutoring profession with the Qualified Tutor quality mark.

Julia and Odette – Mumpreneurs on a Mission

Our Team

Meet the humans behind the business.