Green Tutors Home Page

This is your exclusive page to quickly track the progress of your QT Accredited Tutors. You will also see below links to training, certification and any coupons you have created for your tutors.

Your Handy Links and Coupons

Coupon Code

Please ask your Tutors to use the 10% discount code “B54RTBQ2” when joining their Safeguarding or Level 3 courses.

LTC+ Membership Included

Green Tutors’ QT Accredited Tutors will receive free access to the LTC Connect Membership by going here.

Green Tutors' Digital Staffroom

For even better community, conversation, support & advice exclusively for your Green Tutors Educators, they are able to access the Digital Staff Room via this link.

QT Accredited Tutors

View your QT Accredited Tutors below, including their progress within each QT Certification.