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As parents ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find the right tutor for your child. QT Certified provides quality assurance of the tutoring profession.

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Tutoring is an unregulated profession, that’s why our independent quality assurance it vital for you.

QT Certified is independent quality assurance for tutors

The QT Certification process is designed to elevate independent tutors through independent quality assurance.

QT Certification is structured into three key categories: Safe, Skilled and Supported.

Becoming QT Certified is a testament to a commitment to excellence as an independent tutor. This certification not only validates professional competence but also underscores a dedication to maintaining high standards in tutoring.

how does a tutor become QT Certified?

QT Certification can be done in stages. At the initial stage, tutors are required to submit all the required evidence for the Safe category. This allows them to achieve QT Certified status.

Tutors then undertake the second stage application to submit their evidence for the Skilled and Supported category. This will enable tutors to achieve an award level of Foundation, Advanced or Mastery, based on their experience and expertise.

If tutors have all the requirements in place, they can go ahead and submit their evidence to become QT Certified. 

If they don’t yet have these documents in place, that’s not a problem. Once they have purchased the QT Certification package, we will help tutors to access each of these as part of their onboarding,

QT Certification needs to be updated each year.

What are the requirements to become QT Certified? 

We require up to date certificates evidencing:

  • Police check (DBS or international equivalent)
  • Safeguarding Training
  • Insurance
  • 5+ Verified Client Reviews
  • Policies and Procedures

We’re here to guide tutors through every step of the process. For any enquiries, reach out to Our aim is to facilitate the tutor’s journey through the certification process, ensuring they meet the necessary standards as an independent tutor.

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