Love Tutoring Think Tank

This group aims to offer valuable insight, expertise, and experience to individuals in the tutoring profession.
The Love Tutoring Think Tank is a collection of individuals who offer valuable guidance, support, and expertise to those in the tutoring profession. As tutoring continues to evolve into a standalone profession, there are numerous tutors providing one-on-one and small group sessions across the globe. Despite the lack of official regulation, Qualified Tutor provides a comprehensive framework that tutors can utilise to ensure the safety, skills and support of both themselves and their students.
Twice a year, this group convenes to offer feedback, advice, guidance, non-binding recommendations, and support to professionals in the tutoring industry.
Drawing on their experience, members of this group strive to promote the growth and value creation of Qualified Tutor with the goal of sharing its benefits with their network.

We focus on:

  • Ensuring safety within the tutoring industry.
  • Driving quality within the tutoring profession.
  • Education individuals within their network about the best practices of the tutoring profession.


Following each meeting, Julia Silver, the Founder of Qualified Tutor, will draft a white paper that will be published and shared with both members of Qualified Tutor and the broader tutoring community.

How to join us:

This event is by invitation only – if you wish to join us, please contact us.